Friday, April 29, 2005

Shout outs

It's easy to see how addicting blogs can be, not only writing your own, but reading others. Since I haven't figured out how to put these links on my template, here are a few I've been reading:
  • Normal Rockstar: Jeremy and I go back about four years now, since his band's Canadian invasion. (He's also getting married in a few weeks. Congrats, Jer!)
  • Glenn Lavender: Jer's bandmate. Glenn and his wife, Sherri, endeared themselves to meforever when a trip to Nashville included a scenic tour of the ER and a sick bed at Chez downhere.
  • Living Lavada Mama: one of the coolest blog names I've seen. Sherri, thanks for the shout out!
  • This Guy Falls Down: Mark's blog got me thinking, "This is something I should be doing..." As an author, marketing director for a publisher and avid book fan, I think his book club is pretty stinkin' cool.
  • Blogstar: I met Chad a few years ago when I was writing Generation Ex and he was a newlywed. The insights he shared were subtly woven in throughout the book. Thanks, Chad!
  • Zondervan: I've had a great time learning about the blogging world from my colleague, Jon.

And a few people I've never met, and yet...

  • A Blog for AJ & Kellie: I came across this site because an entry on my book and keep coming back because Kellie inspires me. A young widow and mom, she has an amazing story and the grace with which she is responding to the recent tragedies in her life convicts me.
  • Tent Peg: this guy is a pastor here in GR. Our paths haven't crossed in the real world, but I appreciate his local take on things, his random thoughts and the way his more vulnerable posts challenge me.

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