Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Breaking Up with ED

I've been meaning to mention this website for quite a while. Lee Blum has recovered from an eating disorder (ED) and is using her experience to help others recover. Based in Minnesota, Lee speaks to groups and leads support groups in the Minneapolis area. Lee is also working on a book, Breaking Up With ED, that is quite unique in it's approach. With the assistance of her counselor, Lee uses the romantic analogy of courtship to illustrate how someone might be drawn into--and out of--an eating disorder. Where Lee shares her perspective as the person with the eating disorder, family and loved ones will benefit from her counselor's notes and observations.

If you know anyone who has been involved with ED, please visit Lee's site.


lee said...

Jen -
You are the BEST. Thanks so much for your "plug" I sooo appreciate it! When are you going to become an agent?
I have been communicating with Remuda Ranch - thanks to you. Keep praying for a connection there!
so appreciate you and your perserverence in your relationship with Christ and life. You rock.
In Him

Jen said...

Hey Lee! Good to hear from you! Wow...you're quick on the draw to read my post already :-) I'm so pleased to hear that the RR thing is moving. Keep me in the loop. I believe in you, my friend!