Saturday, November 12, 2005

It's Official.

It's official.

This week, WaterBrook/Random House reverted rights back to me for Generation Ex. It's a bittersweet experience. Since March when GE first went out of stock, I've been working with WaterBrook to either publish a small 3rd printing to support the promotions I was being asked to do, or revert rights. I hope that this feeling is the closest I come to experience divorce myself. I'm relieved that a decision has been made, but I wish it would have been different.

God's timing is ironic. The After Eve conference offered a significant boost to my confidence that God was not done using me or this message.

The good news is, I have an agent and a few interested publishers already.

As my agent and I begin the shopping process, I ask that you would remember this project in your prayers. I ask especially for direction and protection for all involved parties. I don't think it was an "accident" that I sustained such a serious injury just prior to Generation Ex releasing and I am humbly aware of how standing up for truth can make me a target of the Enemy.

Finally, I am updating my proposal and preparing materials for my agent. If you have a personal story or endorsement to offer, or any suggestions for how this book can be improved, I would love to hear from you or anyone else to whom you pass on this message.

Please email your thoughts and suggestions to

Many thanks to you all.


Wags said...

Jen, I just happen to stumble upon your blog here. I wish you luck with the book and all that goes with that.
My sister recently adopted twin boys... such an awesome picture of Christ's love for us... I look forward to adopting someday myself after seeing that first hand...
thanks for your thoughts...

Jen said...

Eric, thanks for stopping by. I took a peek at your blog. A friend of mine was a missionary in Ethiopia for 18 months. Your girlfriend sounds like an amazing woman. She'll be home more quickly than you think!

Sondra said...


I'm glad to hear that this book is getting a second chance. You have a powerful message, one that has helped many people, including me. Thank you!