Friday, December 02, 2005

It's Good To Be Alive

So...God must still have something in store for me...

I've been sick every morning for the last two weeks and thought it was because I'm finally trying to wean off my meds before the 2nd anniversary of my head injury. I just haven't felt well at all. Didn't feel like doing too much but work and sleep the last two weeks so my house was kinda messy. I lit a few candles around the house to mask a weird smell--maybe some lingering food in the garbage. But Thursday I had cleaned up for trash day and it was still a little stinky. When I came home for lunch, I got sick again. When I came back to work and was telling my co-workers they made me call the gas company. They told me to get my dog out of the house and wait for them...and oh, could I be there in five minutes?

When the guy arrived I asked how he'd know if anything was amiss. I was afraid he was just going to tell me I needed to clean my house better! He showed me his detecting wand and said that it would beep if there was gas in the air. The more frequent the beeps, the more gas in the air. We opened the door and...

BEEP! My condo has an open plan so my entry way, dining room kitchen and living room (with 20 ft. ceiling) are all in one big area. He started walking to the kitchen. BEEP....BEEP....BEEP.... then toward the stove...BEEP BEEP BEEP...then to the burner BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP. Apparently when I cleaned my stove dials a few weeks ago, I put one on wrong and turned the lighter flame on. I haven't used the stove since then, so apparently it's been on for two weeks. If I didn't have the cathedral ceilings to dissipate the air, and have been crazy busy (and therefore not at home the last two weeks), the guy said I could have blown up the neighborhood! Yikes! And bionic Bailey cheats death again. I'd like an immune system a quarter of her strength!

Thank You, God, for Your protection.

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