Friday, November 03, 2006

House STILL For Sale

I'm coming up on the third anniversary of my first head injury. I've been pretty amazed by the way God has provided for my needs during this time. I continue to learn and accept the way this injury has changed my life, and while I'm sad by many of the changes, I can also embrace the blessings.

One of the blessings for which I'm most thankful is the new family of friends He has given me in Canton, Ohio. When I moved to Grand Rapids seven years ago, I knew no one. In short time, I grew to love this area and the many friends that made this place home. In the past several months as I've felt God pulling up the tent pegs on my life here, I have become more aware of how He has been preparing for my life there.

Since August, I've been spending at least a week a month in Canton with my new friends, developing not only a picture of my new life, but solidifying the new me. Everyone in Canton has met me post-injury and their love has helped me learn to love the post-injury me. This past trip, I had the opportunity to stay with a couple's three children while they were out of town for the weekend. It was great to be in a position to serve others. Though there's still so much I love about GR, I'm increasingly feeling that my life is on hold here in GR, and in play when I'm in Canton. I'm excited to get started on my new life in Canton...spiritually, emotionally, professionally (in whatever shape that might take), and especially financially.

The greatest financial pressure comes comes my home. I've come to accept that, like most who have sustained MTBIs, I can't do the same work I did before. And quite likely, that I won't be able to earn or sustain the same standard of living I've been blessed to enjoy before the head injury. I've made my peace with it and already I'm started to come up with ideas of new jobs I'd like to try. But first, I need to move. So far I've been able to pay my mortgage, COBRA and other utilities with savings, my advance, a few gifts and downsizing my stuff. Though my budget is lean, my income is leaner. With the snow swirling outside as I type this, my constant prayer is that the house will sell quickly so I can move before the Michigan winter really hits. I just dropped the price, and I posted this message today so that those who live in GR--and maybe those who wish they did!-- could spread the word to those they know.

My townhouse is in Bailey's Grove, a wonderful neighborhood with a community center, pool, and walking paths. My neighbors are amazing and many have become friends. All of the townhouses in our development have been completed so the only options are previously owned homes. What distinguishes mine from the others is brand new carpeting and padding, fresh paint, a furnace humidifier (our homes get a bit dry in the winter), contemporary ceiling fans in each bedroom, a big, clean basement ready to be finished, and now, a new low price.

Learn more about it here. Even better, take a peek inside here.

Regardless of where you live, I'd appreciate you joining me in prayer that God would quickly unite my home with its new owners.

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