Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Making My Day

I am finally over my jetlag and laryngitis, and Niels and I have been keeping very busy. Last weekend we were in Canada where I was able to meet some of his friends. (In three weeks, we're off to Europe to meet his family and spend a few days in Paris!) It was a whirlwind trip, staying with one set of friends and meeting several others.

A highlight of the trip was meeting Gary, a friend who was instrumental in introducing Niels to Christ. Gary is a worship pastor at a church in Kitchener and though a series of events God crossed their paths over several years. The catalyst for Niels' interest in Christianity was visiting Gary's church and seeing how worship can be relevant and modern.

Over dinner, Gary shared a bit about how he had a discouraging day. We talked a bit about how so often God doesn't allow us to see how He uses us. In fact, more often than not, I think He is best able to use us when we aren't aware of His plans. As Gary shared, I thought how amazing Heaven will be for him as he learns of all the ways God quietly used his life to influence others.

Not long after, a Google alert popped up in my email. It's a blog post from a man who read my book, and how God used it spur him to make some changes in his life. I'm in a season when my writing in on a far back burner. It's frustrating at times, but the conversation with Gary, and this unknown man, offered great encouragement. God is at work, even when I think I'm not.

Check out this man's post, and if you feel led, please honor his request for prayer as he follows as God leads.

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Jonathan & Karen Ng said...


I am the "unknown" man that you talk about in your post. I feel honoured that you have blogged about my post(s). Despite intellectually knowing God's all-knowing omnipotent nature, I still find his grace, his compassion and the serendipity of it all to be so fascinating.

Who would have thought that at just the appointed time, when I needed encouragement the most, I would be prompted by the Holy Spirit to listen to the radio in my car - which just happened to be broadcasting the tail-end of your recent FamilyLife interview?

Who would have thought that your testimony (and that of Elizabeth Marquardt's) would have such a resonating effect on my life?

Who would have imagined that reading your book would spur me on to (finally) make some life changing decisions and cause me to redefine my marriage?

Who would have thought that in making those decisions and meditating more on what God would have me do that I would discover a new aspect of God's character?

Who would have thought that by sharing with friends my difficulties and testimony about how God has been working in my life through all of this that it would be an encouragement to them?

Who would have thought that by following the prompting of the Holy Spirit to blog about what I had learned would ENCOURAGE THE VERY PERSON whom God used to encourage me?

I certainly would not have thought... but then again, perhaps neither of us really ought to be that surprised. After all, I am really not that "unknown" - I am a brother in Christ, and as such, we both have the same heavenly Father. Is it any wonder that God should use His children to spur and encourage one another in their faith? God is indeed at work even when we think we're not.

Praise be to God, who is so infinitely more wise and can indeed, in all things, work for the good of those who love Him and who have been called according to His purpose. (Rom 8:28).

Jonathan Ng
jonathan AT karenjonathan DOT com