Tuesday, March 20, 2007

At Last!!!!

After 35 long years, God has answered my prayer in an amazing way.

Last night, in a garden at the foot of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, Niels proposed to me and I said YES! Niels is an incredible, godly man. I love that he is so open and loving, teachable and humble, intelligent and curious. I see him around the kids I live with and know he's going to be a great dad. He's a human GPS, so I know we'll never be lost. He loves to learn, whether through reading or Google or Wiki or conferences or wise counsel from those we respect, so I know that we will always be surrounded and led by wisdom. He has a sensitive heart, quick to forgive and seek forgivness, so I know he will love me well.

We have had a wonderful time in Europe with his incredible parents. On Sunday, we went to Amsterdam to catch my dad, sisters, and brother-in-law on a layover to Israel. Niels made good use of the time by asking (and receiving) my father's blessing. He asked for my mom's blessing a few weeks ago when she visited us in Ohio. Niels' dad is a photographer, which is a wonderful gift because he and Niels' mom came with us to Paris and now we have some wonderful pictures of our important day.

We're off for a day of sightseeing (and more pictures), but you can read all about the proposal on Niels' blog.


Pattie said...

CONGRATULATIONS, CONGRATULATIONS, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It couldn't have happened to a better couple, in a more romantic setting!

So happy for you! Praising with you!

Trevor and Angie said...

Tears of joy filled my eyes as I was reading the last two entries on Niels' blog today. So very excited about all the new adventures coming your way this year. Oh and can't wait for the big "party" in July. lol Congratulations from the Trevors' and 'lil Bailey, too. (I miss you mommy - Bailey)

Lots of love, Angie

jens mom said...

How can such a romantic heart be found in such a computer-oriented mind??? The proposal day sounds fabulous, and I cana't wait to see the pictures. LOVE YOU BOTH!!!!!

Jan de Jong said...

hai jen en niels. Het lijkt erop dat jullie voor elkaar bestemd zijn. Wij denken dat jullie erg goed bij elkaar passen en wij zijn daar erg blij mee. Zoals we de afgelopen dagen al hebben laten merken. Wat nog beter is wij zijn gelukkig dat wij een dochter erbij hebben in plaats van een zoon verloren.

Jonathan & Karen Ng said...

What an incredibly romantic story and wonderful postlude to your book. Congratulations to both of you! :)