Friday, February 17, 2006

Contentment Questions

Last weekend my pastor shared about something with a passion he described as “holy discontent.” The next day I heard another pastor talk about Christians getting out there, doing what they were designed to do. Both experiences resonated with me, and to be honest, rattled me a bit. I’ve been an enjoying a pretty nice stretch on the comfort and contentment highway and I’m wondering if these two pastors are holding up “road ends ahead” signs. Don’t get me wrong. Life is better than it’s been in a really long time, and I’m deeply grateful for God’s goodness. At the same time, I’m starting to get the sense that maybe He’s pulling up a few tent pegs on life as I know it. Fortunately, these swirling thoughts come at a good time, relatively speaking. Christian Single has offered me another article, this time on True Contentment.

A few questions currently mulling in my mind:
· in what areas am I most likely to become discontent?
· how do I respond (or want to respond) to seasons of discontent?
· what Scripture helps me refocus?
· how can friends, family and the church assist in the grieving process when delays turn to denials (i.e. become too old to have biological children, never being the spouse of one's "youth," or fulfill some other dream?)
· when can discontentment be a good thing?
· how can someone discern between "selfish dissatisfaction" and "divine discontent?"
· how can someone discern whether God is leading a change or we are simply desiring it to be?
· what are some practical ways to cultivate contentment?

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