Friday, January 19, 2007

Joys of Jet Lag

What a week! In the last seven days, I have flown literally halfway around the world, moved from Michigan to Ohio, and celebrated (okay, maybe acknowledged) a milestone birthday. I'm tired.

In 1999, I took a ten day tour of Israel. I adjusted fine to the eight hour time change, but upon my return I crashed hard for about a day and a half. I had a few more days of weird waking hours, but then I was back to normal.

Maybe it's a combination of my head injury along with all the other things, but I'm really having a doozy of a time with jet lag. I got home around 2am last Friday. It took me until about 4am to fall asleep and I slept til 10am. The next night I didn't fall asleep til 7am and slept til 2pm. The next couple days were about moving to Ohio so I slept whenever I could, which wasn't much. Since being in my new diggs, I've vacillated between absolutely no sleep and sleeping between 14-18 hours. I'm trying sleeping pills to sleep and wake up calls to get up, but I feel like I have a lead weight on my head and a tornado on my brain.

I have high hopes for posting about my trip, but first I need to wake up!

btw...2007 is going to be my international year. In March, I'm off to The Netherlands to meet my boyfriend's family. We'll also be visiting Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and France.

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