Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Buying is more fun than Selling

In his ongoing effort to show his love for me and trust in me, my ever-so-wonderful boyfriend "hired" me to help him with his house search. He had purchased a home in Belgium, but housing laws are a little different here in the US.

With the help of my mom and Canton friends, I found a mortgage lender, got the paperwork ready for our meeting, found a realtor, and scouted a few homes.

On Sunday, he joined the realtor and I to see my top two choices. One was really great, for a 20 year old house. The other was only a few years old, hardly lived in, but a little more expensive. Both homes had everything he wanted--long driveway for hosting friends, a little acreage, three bedrooms, 2 car garage, hardwood floors and a few other amenities.

We went to the older home first. Niels had seen pictures of both, and I knew when he walked in that he really was looking forward to seeing the other one. Though the older one was really nice, it also gave him a great appreciation for the newer one. One thing I appreciate about Niels is that by the time he's ready to make a decision, he's generally at peace about committing quickly. In this case, we looked at the newer house at about 8pm and made an offer around 10pm. The sellers countered yesterday, and last night we met them in the middle. Today, around noon, he got the good news!!!!

You can see more pictures of the inside here:

For those who are wondering...

Distance from:
...my new digs in Ohio: 7.27 miles (16 minutes)
...my old digs in Michigan: 326.26 miles (5 hours and 9 minutes)
...Minneapolis, MN: 784.35miles (12 hours and 34 minutes)
...Wickenburg, AZ: 2,065.35 miles (30 hours, 19 minutes)
...The Netherlands: 4,035 miles (a long flight)
...China: 6,799 miles (a really long flight)

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Anonymous said...

how far from Hibbin'?
This blogging is clogging my brains! I wish you woulda coulda shoulda tudor me like you are you're mom! I was doing fine posting pictures until it told me I had to download something, and since then it hasn't worked. WHAT HAVE YOU GOTTON YOUR AUNTIE INTO???? I'M CONFUZERED!