Sunday, July 22, 2007

One Week To Go!

As I write this, the Dutch contingent is USA-bound!
Making the trip are:

* Niels' parents, Jan & Kitty

* Niels' sister, Ingrid (on her first trip to the States)

* Ingrid's boyfriend, Bart

* Niels' Oma (Grandma)

* Niels' Tanta (Aunt) Gerda

I spent my last night at the Prices, who have so graciously put me up for the last six months or so and made my transition from Michigan to Ohio so much easier. They are a wonderful family and I will miss seeing them every day.

We'll pick up the Dutchies around 6 this evening and then host a more-than-full house for the next week. His family will stay at our house while we're on our honeymoon, using it as a starting point for many day trips.

We appreciate and covet your prayers for the next week as we make final plans for our big day, and for me as am immersed again in the Dutch language. I've been practicing, but I'm still at about a two year old level! Thank God for grace! I do think our dog, Bailey, will be bilingual by the time they leave!

I imagine posts will be sparse in the next few days. Watch our wedding blog for pictures for our much anticipated wedding day!!!

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