Thursday, July 05, 2007

License to Wed

We are officially licensed to wed. We were tempted to elope when we went to the courthouse, but decided we could wait a few more days.

The courthouse itself was gorgeous! We admired the glass and jade atrium before signing in with the clerk. We passed them looking at old marriage registrations from the 20's. Lots of rubberworkers in Akron at that time! Most of the brides were 18-20 though we saw one as young as 14! Wonder where those couples are now...

The process was fairly quick, even with the special circumstances with Niels not being an American citizen.

One more check off our dwindling to do list!

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Anonymous said...

i'm currently reading 'generation ex' and really benefitting from it. as a teen i wanted to write a similar book but didn't know where to start-- i'm so glad to see that someone has addressed such a huge need! my husband will read it next. (i'm really excited for you and your fiance!) i'm going to get copies for my sisters, their husbands, my parents, and recommend it to dozens of friends.

also i'm sure you're aware of this-- the message boards have been spammed something fierce. i'd love to sift through and read the posts that are from actual people, but the language that the spammers have used makes it pretty impossible for me to do here at work (web content is monitored). :)