Thursday, July 14, 2005

Catching Up

I've been a bit neglectful of my blog lately, but I have been a busy beaver. In the last three weeks, I've been to conferences in Dallas (3 days), Chicago (4 days) and Denver (4 days). Crazy scheduling aside, I had a few "interesting" experiences:

* My hotel was overbooked in Chicago so I had a bit of an inconvenience shuffling to and fro. (To was The Four Seasons, so I didn't mind horribly).

* My taxi taking me to The Four Seasons hit another taxi. (My head's fine...I'm pretty sure!)

* My luggage broke on one of disproportionately high number of escalators not working.

* My luggage was sent to the wrong carousel in Chicago (but it was found an hour later)

* My luggage was lost in Denver (and not found until the day before I returned home. My slightly smaller colleague is my hero of the week).

* Super Shuttle closed while I was making arrangements for my luggage to be delivered to my hotel. (But it was very cool to pass the time with Steve Saint, Mincaye and crew).

* Get message from my dog sitter that my dog swallowed a chicken bone and was being taken to the vet. Many anxious hours later I learn that she's okay (Vet: "She's got the stomach of a goat!" Bailey-sitter: "Her new name is Bailey Goat." Jen: "I prayed that God would dissolve that bone...and He DID!")

* I woke up at 3am to take a 4:30am shuttle to the airport for a 6:25 flight on NorthWORST...that was delayed to 6:35am because of a gate tunnel issue, then 6:45am for a gate change, then 7ish because the air conditioner wasn't working, then 8ish because something on the control panel wasn't working.

* Missed my connection in Minneapolis. Instead of a direct flight home with a first class upgrade, I had a "scenic stop" in Detroit on coach.

* Luggage was lost in GR. Delay caused me to lose my ride home. My Verizon phone decided to stop working, as did my brain. Not my best moment. Apologies to all who had to see that.

* Luggage arrived at my step the following morning. Took a "mental health" day.

That's enough venting. Ahhhhhhh...deep cleansing breath. It's all over and I'm home again.

Lots of good things happened too. Denver is a beautiful city (I had no idea...note to self: must return without pesky work meetings). Met some great people. Got some work done. Will report happy thoughts in next post.


Anonymous said...


After all this experience as a "road warrior" how does the prospect of settling down to married life look? :)

BTW - I'm saddened about the current issues with your book. It is really well written and has the potential to reach 1000's of COD's - especially in the Church.

Jen said...

You know, the idea of settling down to pour my emotions into one committed relationship sounds wonderful! This cyclical nature of dating and single friendships is for the birds. Life would be a lot easier if I didn't want to get married...if only I didn't have to date to get there :-)