Friday, July 15, 2005

New book for ADULT Children of Divorce

Today's mail brought a galley of a new book releasing in January. The author, Brooke Lea Foster, and I crossed cyber paths when I was writing Generation Ex and she was preparing her proposal for The Way They Were: Dealing With Your Parents' Divorce After A Lifetime of Marriage (Crown, 2006).

I'm excited to dig in. There is such a need for books that focus on those who are adults when their parents divorce ("grey divorces"). I think it's a great thing that more and more publishers are releasing books on this topic. The issues are so varied and complex, I'm happy to cross-promote other voices if it gets our overall message across: Divorce HURTS!

I'm sure I'll post more on this one later.


Pattie said...

Oh, I wish I could read this now! Please let me know if you like it. There is SUCH a need for new information about this topic, since "A Grief Out of Season" is 14 years old and out of print.

Jen said...

Pattie -

I'm a few chapters're gonna love this book! Put in your pre-order at Amazon and then you can get it as soon as it releases!