Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Late Great Generation Ex

I seem to have the most insightful ideas after my laptop is shut down and I'm settled in bed. Last night, my last thought was, "Oh! That would be a great post for my blog."

Here it is the next morning and I have no idea what I was going to write. Seeing that I haven't made an entry in a week (not that I think anyone's waiting with bated breath for my next inspired words, I'm not too worried), I thought I should at least post a quick update.

* Absolutely no word from my publisher, even about how the meeting (that was supposed to take place last Tuesday) went. However, Generation Ex is no longer listed on Random House or WaterBrook sites, or on one of the main retail sales sites. In fact that site lists it as "Out of Stock Indefnitely." Many, many thanks for those who have written me and/or my publisher. Three thoughts comfort me.

#1 - There are 130,000 some books published each year. Most don't stay in print more than a year. Most don't even sell 5,000 copies. My books was a success on both accounts.
#2 - I didn't write the book to make a lot of money, or for my own pride or anything else but to be obedient to what I believed God called me to do. I walked through the door of opportunity that God opened for me at WaterBrook and I know that lives have been changed because of it. I sleep well at night.
#3 - If WaterBrook is in fact putting Generation Ex out of print, we can push to get rights reverted and it's possible that another publisher will pick it up. Since I have a few other books I'd like to write along these lines, it may be the best thing for GE, if not the most ego-affirming for me!


Sondra said...

I can't tell you how many times I've been falling asleep and I'll think of something great to blog about, and then the next morning I wake up racking my brain, completely clueless as to what my great idea was. It's frustrating. :)

Sorry to hear about the book problems, I hope everything works out for you in that regard. I would hate for it to be out of print, because your book is so MEANINGFUL and has helped so many people, myself included. There are a lot of "fluff" books out there, but yours truly serves a purpose. Then again, maybe God is telling you it's time to write a NEW book? ;)

Jen said...

Sondra -

Thanks for your encouraging words. I have many, many book ideas. Just need the time to write them!