Sunday, July 17, 2005

Songs for Recommittment Ceremony

The other night I gave into a guilty pleasure--on of VH1's countdown shows. This one was "Top 100 Most Awesomely Bad Love Songs." Listening to songs that were popular when I was younger showed me just how naive I was. I can't believe how I missed some of the rather bizarre themes in these songs. Yikes, God was really protecting my mind!

On the flip side, on occasion I hear a song that really blows me away with its depth (pretty much anything by Nichole Nordeman, for example) or unique approach to a topic.

A recent song that comes to mind is the Ray Boltz song, "Let Begin Again." This is a great song for a couple back from the brink of divorce. This is the kind of song that celebrates true love:

Let's Begin Again
Lyrics: Ray Boltz -
Album: Moments for the Heart

I can still remember
When we said our wedding vows
We gave the Lord our hearts and our home
But lately we've been so busy
It's changing us somehow
I wonder if that's why we feel alone

Let's begin again
Trust in Him and not our feelings
Let's leave the loneliness behind
Take my hand and then
We can find a new beginning
Let's begin again
While there's still time

Jesus made a promise
If two of us agree
The Father up above would hear our prayer
He is still the healer
Of hurting families
And there is hope as long as He is there

Repeat chorus twice

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