Saturday, April 22, 2006

Reality Marketing

I'm still at the Calvin Festival of Faith & Writing. As promised, I'm posting a quick hello to those who attended my Reality Marketing session an hour ago to show how easy it is to update a blog! If you were there--or wish you were!--please leave a comment to say hello!


Jeff McElwee said...

Hey Jen,
I enjoyed your seminar this last Saturday at the Calvin Writer's Conference. THe four of you outlined a number of great 'reality marketing' tips and the handouts you provided were excellent. It was neat to meet you at the Zondervan booth and talk historical fiction. Thanks again for all your helpful hints.

Kristine said...

You know I was there! Great talk and terrific handouts - thanks for lending your expertise.

Jen said...

Jeff & Kristine - Great to meet you both!