Thursday, April 06, 2006

Rob Lacey

Many of you know my day job is at Zondervan. I'm usually pretty intentional about keeping my Zondervan life out of this blog, but one of our authors is facing his last days, and he and his family could use your prayers.

This is from one of my co-workers:

A good friend of mine, and an author of ours, is currently battling cancer on his deathbed. It's hard to describe the magnitude of the situation. Rob had cancer 5 years ago and was on his deathbed, but God intervened and a miracle happened: the cancer completely disappeared from his body - his kidney, liver, bones etc. He and his wife had a child, a miracle baby. Lukas is now 5 years old, and a tiny baby girl (the 2nd miracle child) now rests inside of Sandra. Doctors are debating inducing Sandra tomorrow, even though it would mean a risky C-section, so that Rob will hopefully see his baby girl before Jesus calls him home.

Rob Lacey is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. His passion for God is palpable, and he truly resembles the kind of Christian I want to be - a person after God's own heart. He is doing well emotionally and spiritually, given the situation he is in. But, he has only days left and it will be a great time of mourning here on earth. I know God is ready to bring Rob home so that he has no more pain and sadness. But it is hard to think what pain and sadness there will be for the family who remains.

Please pray for a miracle. It's happened before, it can happen again. If Rob goes home, the miracle I am praying for is that Lukas is not negatively affected by it. I pray he doesn't get angry at God for taking his daddy away. Please remember the Lacey family, and pray for safety for all of them.

I ask you join us in praying for this family at this time.

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