Saturday, July 22, 2006

I Couldn't Have Said it Better Myself

I'm in serious downsizing mode. After ten years in publishing and a lifelong addiction to books, I'm paring down my 3,000 book library. I've started with my fiction books, many of which have sat on my shelves for years, unread. So I'm in a bit of a reading race.

Today I finished a Sins of the Mother by Patricia Rushford. There's a great conversation between two characters that articulates well the idea of the sleeper effect and how child's "resilience" is often just a coping mechanism.

From p. 190:

“Most of us have childhood wounds that need to be dealt with. I’m convinced that God gives children the ability to overcome or forget the abuses or traumas they suffer until we’re old enough to cope. It’s like we stuff the bad things in a garbage bag and hide it in a corner of our minds. But eventually, when we’re old enough and mature enough, the garbage starts to ferment. It bubbles to the surface and needs to be sorted through and disposed of in a healthy way.”

“And keeping it stuffed down isn’t healthy.”

“No. The healthy way is to let each issue rise to the surface, examine I from your adult perspective, and hand it to God. He’s the Great Physician, Shanna. He’s the ultimate healer. It’s like if you have a ruptured appendix—if you don’t have surgery, the infection will kill you. With surgery and antibiotics, a doctor can restore you to health.”

“So you’re saying God can make everything better?”

“Only if we let Him. The Bible says to cast all your cares on Him.”

"Guess I have a lot of garbage to sort through. Where do I start?”

“You already have.”


Pattie said...

I am amazed! I probably only had about a thousand or so before downsizing before our move this summer. It is still a LOT of books.

Abel said...

Wow! And I thought I had a lot of books (about 700 or so). Sounds like a big job.