Wednesday, July 26, 2006

This is how I feel

My mom--former Realtor and staging expert extraordinaire--came to visit this weekend to help me get my house ready to sell. I really wish I didn't have to sell, especially since God hasn't shown me where my next move is going to be...yet!

My health has been an issue again so I knew I needed the help to get things ready. Mom is really talented with this stuff so it was great to just follow her instructions.

Thanks to Mom, the following items have been checked off the to do list:

Front walk:
• planted flowers
• hung hanging plants on a shepherd’s hook
• put brick red mulch on both sides
• replaced the storm door with the screen door
• swept and cleaned the walk

• swept out the garage
• touched up paint
• cleaned the door
• moved the shoe rack
• brought lots of stuff to the basement
• tossed the old carpets
• hung my key rack in the garage
• took the hat/mitten thing downstairs
• brought extra shoes to the basement

• threw out the extra linoleum
• painted the closet
• touched up the door and baseboard
• touched up the wall
• hung a green mirror
• moved the bookshelf in the entryway to the living room

Guest Bath:
• repaired the hole in the guest bath and repainted the back of the door that Bailey scratched
• hung a new print above the towel rack

Dining Room:
• touched up the paint
• put border paper in the dining room and moved the table 180 degrees.
• hung up a new picture
• bought a large candle holder and runner for the table, used greenery from the living room as a centerpiece

• spackled holes and touched up the paint and baseboards
• put up greenery and a swag
• polished table
• printed picture of house in the fall and hung in frame

Living Room:
• touched up paint and baseboards
• rehung big picture
• moved the loveseat from the living room to my bedroom
• bought a 27” flat screen TV to replace my 20” for a steal, along with the TV stand I originally wanted for $25 at the Second Time around
• moved the old TV to the basement
• moved the old TV stand to my bedroom for a bedstand stand
• borrowed a suede chair, matching ottoman and end table from the neighbors
• moved the old end table to the office
• bought a purple and green tree for corner
• put framed picture of house on the CD shelf with purple vase with greens

• bought two chairs from Mel Trotter
• brought up plastic end table from basement
• hung plant

• removed picture from stairway and rehung in master bath
• touched up paint on walls and railing

Master Bedroom:
• moved the headboard from my bedroom to the basement
• hung pictures and a mirror from Salvation Army in my bedroom
• installed the ceiling fan in my bedroom
• moved the shelf I was using for a bedstand and the other shelf to the office
• moved the lamp from the living room to my bedroom
• hung print from the stairwell in the bathroom

• touched up paint on walls
• fixed my gold record and hung it the landing

Office Bath:
• hung a plate holder in my office bath and put rolled washcloths on it
• bought a basket at Mel Trotter and put rolled towels and toiletries in for the office bath
• hung the bulletin board in my office

At any rate, Mom and I are both exhausted. Bailey, as you can see, is well rested.


Mindy said...

I am exhausted just from reading that list!

Jen said...


Pattie said...

WOW! You were BUSY! You deserve a nap. Or twenty. ;)