Friday, October 27, 2006

Approaching Marriage (FamilyLife Interview Day 5)

Adult Children of Divorce: Healing the Pain That Lives On

Divorce has a dramatic impact on the lives of children. But how does it affect a person's approach to marriage as an adult? Today on the broadcast, Dennis Rainey talks with Jen Abbas, author of Generation Ex, and researcher Elizabeth Marquardt, both adult children of divorce, about how how their parents' divorce affected their thoughts about marriage and family.

Guests Include: Jen Abbas, Elizabeth Marquardt

Tune in here to listen or read the transcript from the last day of my radio interview on FamilyLife Today.

SPECIAL OFFER: In support of this week's broadcast, FamilyLife is offering free CDs of all five programs with the purchase of both my book and Elizabeth Marquardt's Between Two Worlds.

1 comment:

bud_09 said...

Hey Jen---
I would like you to read my poem:

The Postmodern Prodigal

He just had to get out,
Couldn’t take it anymore;
He was finally gonna see
What this big world had in store.

Life so far had thrown him
Nothing but curves—
He was set to be out from under
& Get what he deserved.

Responsibility and restrictions,
Curfews no more—
Time to sow a few oats;
Life so far: a bore.

Taking only what was his
He walked out the door.
He never looked back—
Never thought all he had left was “more.”

Now years later,
His ‘more’ meant much less.
Could he ever go back?
Face to face, he must confess:

That he’d run away from life’s best;
He’d bought an empty dream.
Sometimes the grass
Isn’t as green as it seems.

“Would they have me back?”
He wondered aloud.
“My family I’ve abandoned and
I’ve been chasing a cloud.”

“I gave it all up:
Love, family, and grace;
I don’t deserve to have
My kids see my guilty face.”

“Please Lord, help me if you can
Make a way for me—
I’ve blown it:
I am the Prodigal Dad.”