Tuesday, October 10, 2006


So...as you know...my book is being re-released next week. That, of course, must mean it's time for me to have another accident!

I'm here in Canton, Ohio visiting friends. Yesterday I was on my way to meet a friend for lunch. I exited the highway and stopped at the light. All was well til the car behind me didn't stop. Alas, Miles (my fairly faithful Mazda Protege) has a bit of a boo boo.

For that matter, so do I. Yes, I hit my head...again. You'd think that if I'm going to keep getting injured, I could at least change it up.

I got to spend a few quality hours in the ER for a CT and observation. I'm doing alright. Slight concussion, herniated disc and really sore. Today was spent talking to all manner of insurance folks. Since Ohio is a fault state (thank God!) , the other guy will be paying for my car repairs, rental and medical bills. The car is not legal to drive, so I'll take a rental back home and drive back down when it's fixed...unless of course, they determine that it costs more to fix it than it's worth. It doesn't seem like it's that damaged, but it is a 1998 so who knows.

At any rate, I'm following doctors orders to rest and let my drugs do their work. I'm very grateful that I wasn't more seriously hurt, that I have friends here to dote on me, that details are seeming to work out, for Ohio's auto laws, and for my very kind dogsitters who are spoiling Bailey rotten!


Pattie said...

OH MY GOSH. I am very glad you're healing from this. Praise God for His protection!

Jen said...

Thanks, Pattie! I appreciate your prayers for safe travel tomorrow too. I'll be taking lots of stop-and-stretch breaks.

Anonymous said...

For goodness sakes, Jen! I hope you are okay, and the car too! :) Looks like everything is going well. we miss u! :)