Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A Few of My Favorite Things

In honor of The Sound of Music, which I watched last night, here are a few of my favorite things:

Favorite Salad Dressing: Olive Oil or Caesar (on the side)
Favorite Color: Plum
Favorite Flower: daisies, gerber daisies, cala lilies
Favorite Smell: baked apple
Favorite Movie(s): hmmm…changes daily…50 First Dates, Les Miserables, Serendipity, You’ve Got Mail, Shop Around the Corner, An Affair to Remember, Shawshank Redemption, Amistad, Ever After, The Princess Bride, That Thing You Do, When Harry Me Sally, Finding Forrester, Never Been Kissed, Alex & Emma
Favorite Book(s): Dancing in the Arms of God, Every Man’s Battle, Generation Ex (!), Lost Daughters of China, Ragamuffin Gospel, Sacred Marriage, Second Chances, Total Money Makeover, A Women’s Guide to Financial Peace of Mind...
Favorite TV show: nothing that I set my calendar to anymore, usually some VH1 countdown, biography show or football. I did start watching Everybody Loves Raymond about 6 episodes before it ended.
Favorite Pastimes: writing, volleyball, watching football, reading, ultimate Frisbee, disc golf, golf, walking, putzing around the house, hiking, game nights, travel, church stuff, computer stuff, great conversations, museums…
Favorite Board Game: Settlers of Cataan
Favorite Type of Music: Mostly Christian because I worked in the industry for several years
Favorite Store: Barnes & Noble
Favorite CDs: Bebo Norman, Chris Tomlin, downhere, The Normals’ Coming to Life, Louis Armstrong’s Greatest Hits, Casting Crowns
Favorite Place: low-maintenance: my home; high maintenance: snorkeling in St. John
Favorite Comfort Food: chips and salsa
Favorite Pizza: the late great Donatos thin crust Pepperoni
Favorite Ice Cream: amaretto cherry chocolate or cinnamon
Favorite Soda: would rather have water, but mountain dew if I must
Favorite Sport to Watch: definitely football
Favorite Sport to Play: Volleyball
Favorite Holiday: Easter


Sondra said...

mmmmmmm... I've never tried cinnamon ice cream, but that sounds SO GOOD right now. :)

Jen said...

It's hard to come by, but it sure is yummy...especially with Apple pie!