Thursday, May 05, 2005

Solo to Bebo?

In my previous position I often received tickets to different concerts and events. A great perk for any music fan. The downside is that I often had two tickets...which would be great if I was married, or had a significant other, or even a good single friend with no significant other obligations. But what often happened is that when it came time to figure out who to invite, I had to go through quite a list before finding a taker. And there seemed to be a direct correlation between who I asked first and the complexity of their schedule....which could lead to hurt feelings on their side and frustration on mine. And sometimes, as a girl, the event is just the kind of thing you want to enjoy with a guy. No romantic strings intended (appreciated, but not intended, because, as the girl, it's not my place to initiate). Just a guy and a reason to get dressed up to remind myself that I am a feminine creature. Which brings me back to the dilemma of what to do with the extra ticket. Married friends would often say, "I'd love to go! Do you have have TWO extra tickets?" And of course I didn't, and if was a great show, my married friends would want to go with their spouses. (Totally understand. I'd likely want to do the same). My girl friends who are single (an increasingly rare commodity) are often out of state (or even out of country) or so stinkin' busy that there's usually a schedule conflict with small group, a class, a volunteer activity or any other really cool thing that in my less selfish moments I totally support. And guys are a completely different animal all together...

Since I left that position nearly two years ago, I haven't had that problem. I haven't been to many concerts, except in the typical manner of buying tickets with a group of friends where we have the flexibility to include spouses and significant others and crushes and anyone else.

Which leads me to my current condundrum. For years I have told my friends in Nashvegas that my DREAM concert would be Bebo, Fernando and Sara. Alas, at last, the dream tour is coming to my city. I still have friends in all the right places. I have two great seats reserved for me. My first choice went south about a month ago. Then I asked a (very pregnant) female friend who shares my Bebo love. Then...surprise! A baby shower is being thrown for her that day. I asked another friend I know who would love the show, but darn that Bible study! So I'm stuck. I feel like some Napoleon Dynamite-type looking for a date to the prom. Rejection! I know it's not personal, it's just life, but I think something is wrong with this world when a relatively attractive woman with free tickets can't find a date to a great show!

That's all I have to say about that.

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