Thursday, May 05, 2005

SWF seeks...

I've made an executive decision. I've amended my wish list for my Mr. Wonderful. Christian, still most important. Single (not divorced), still required. My new #3: technologically saavy.

I finally upgraded from my classic HP DeskJet 712 C (3 ppm) to an HP PhotoSmart 2710 all-in-one (23 ppm). I bought it a week ago and I'm still trying to figure the thing out.

In the meantime, at one point I figured out how to use Hello to post pictures, but was stuck on how to post pictures on my sidebars. Now...I can't remember how to use Hello. Hello? I know I'm head-injured, but this is just crazy!

Calling all blogga-brainiacs (single or otherwise), HELP!

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