Thursday, May 19, 2005

I Love Bailey

I was thinking I had a rough couple of days. I was wrong.

It's 11pm and I've just returned from the Bebo concert. Much too tired to comment on that, but had to describe what I found when I returned home.

So, today, my dog, Bailey had endured her least favorite thing in the world--grooming.

(Quick aside. Bailey loves going to the vet. She literally smiles. It's very odd to have a dog smiling as a vet is checking everything out. On the other hand, she DESPISES the groomer. As soon as she sees the Petsmart sign, she starts convulsing and giving me the "Don't Leave Me Here!!!" eye plea. Why getting pretty is worse that getting poked and prodded is beyond me. My dog is certifiably weird)

Usually after grooming day, Bailey gets a little extra attention. We go for a walk, we play catch, we cuddle. But today I had the concert, so I left my place a little after 6. It was still light out, so I didn't leave any lights on.

Like most people, I have a place where my stuff tends to collect--mail, papers, etc. In my house it's the dining room table. Like most dogs, Bailey likes to go where she shouldn't whenever she can get away with it. I made the mistake of not completely pushing all the chairs in.

I arrived home a few minutes ago to a completely dark house. Usually Bailey greets me at the door. Not tonight. When I called out her name, I heard a swish and the flutter of papers. I turned on the light to find a very dejected dog, sitting on top of my table, resigned to the fact that she got up and couldn't get down, and was SO busted. She could have been up there in the dark for hours. Poor girl. The more I laughed, the sorrier she looked. Oh...I needed that.

I'm going to go take my sorry dog to bed now...Good night!

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