Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Greeting Cards for Generation Ex

The article was sent to me on today's Smart Marriages list. What's interesting to me is that while I'm not crazy about the idea that there is a need for these cards...the reality is that there IS. As someone who doesn't have a family tree, but a family bush, card shopping is usually a challenging task. My parents have made their mistakes (haven't we all?) but the sentiments of far too many cards just don't quite fit. And then I have steps and halves and even step-steps. I don't want to ignore these family members, but how do I get card for a brother who didn't become my brother until I was teen? I'm not a fan of "Congratulations on your divorce" cards, but I certainly hope that greeting card companies become more sensitive to the needs of kids (of all ages) who are simply trying to find a card appropriate for life as they know it.

Telegraph News Happy divorce/remarriage/lovechild: what greetings cards say about the way we live now

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