Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I Love Gary Thomas

My job is starting to get fun.

The last week has been very affirming that I'm not the idiot I've started to believe I am. About a week ago someone gave me a great compliment. I realized that those have been few and far between since I started my job. Don't get me wrong, my supervisors have all been great, with the patience of Job. They've encouraged me throughout my recovery. This compliment felt different because it was the first I remember (!), that I didn't feel had the head injury caveat. (Whether intended or internalized that way by me). Kinda like when someone says, "You'd be so pretty if you'd lose 10 pounds..." or whatever. I feel like my work life since the injury has been, "You did a good job...for a head-injured person." Typically my work history has involved promotions within my first six months. This has been a humbling change of events, which is why it is especially gratifying that I am finally feeling like I am contributing. Which brings me to the fun stuff.

Long before I ever had interest in marriage, I would pick up a book or two to read "just in case" I ever got married. Five Love Languages, Love is A Decision, His Needs, Her Needs...books like that. Then a few years ago, I became a judge for the ECPA Gold Medallion Awards. Ironically, I judged the marriage category. In 2000, one of the nominees was a book called Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas. It utterly, completely and every way blew me away. Hands down. The BEST book on marriage out there. The subtitle of the book is: What if the purpose of marriage is to be holy more than happy? This book transformed my understanding of marriage. Once I saw it as a spiritual discipline, as a way of demonstrating in a tangible way God's love for us, I was sold. I wanted to be married.

Since that first reading, I have been a Gary Thomas advocate. Most anyone who know me who's married since 2000 has received a copy. I believe this book, if read and practiced by Christians, could change the world.

Before I get (more) sickening in my Gary adoration, let me share my fun news. I'm now Gary's marketing director. "Gee Jen, can you get excited about this author?" So very cool!

p.s. the Gary love is mutual. He had this to say about Generation Ex:
This is a brilliant book! Though I have never faced the issues Jen Abbas talks about, I was still enthralled because Jen is such an engaging writer. Her counsel is as practical as it is profound, and relevant not just for children of divorced couples, but any couple considering a divorce or anyone ministering to the children of divorce. You hold in your hands the debut of a gifted writer in whom the calling of God is most evident. —Gary Thomas, author of Sacred Marriage

Check out Gary's newest book, Devotions for Sacred Parenting. Chapter 40 is my favorite :-)

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