Sunday, June 05, 2005

Adult Children of Divorce: Opportunity to Speak Up

Adult children of divorce, listen up. Here's an opportunity to speak up.

From the Smart Marriages e-list:

Elizabeth Marquardt's book, Between Two Worlds, on the inner lives of children of divorce will be published in September by Crown. This is a landmark book with a crucial message. Divorce is so often presented solely from the parents' point of view. This is a chance for the adult children to show that even if they have been quite successful in life they were nevertheless shaped in deep and lasting ways by their parents' divorce. It is in our interest to do everything we can to help get thisbook/message/perspective to the public.

The PR is gearing up. Journalists require real people with real stories.

Anyone who experienced childhood divorce, who stayed in touch with both parents, and who is now 18 - to roughly 40 years old and is willing to be interviewed can help.

The producers of 20/20 are looking for adult children willing to be interviewed for their show (cut off June 17). But there will be many opportunities for radio, magazine, newspaper and additional TVshows.

Please contact Elizabeth so she build a list of adult children for future interviews -- for print and broadcast media.

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