Sunday, June 12, 2005

Weekend in Review

Another good weekend.

Friday night a friend and I donned our booties and hit 20 or stops on the Parade of Homes. I've been in my condo for four years and figure it's about time to personalize a bit. I have a list of ideas that I'll have to add to my budget list (gotta have the funds before I have the fun). The most memorable moment of the evening was walking into a house not on the Parade list. Oops! The homeowner was very gracious as we blushed and backed our way out.

Saturday morning I stopped by the community garage sale hosted by my church. I really love that our church looks not only to serve those who attend or are members, but also the neighborhood in which we're located. It was great seeing folks from church offering free water (a necessity in the bazillion degree heat) and food to the sellers. One seller recognized me from one of my speaking gigs and introduced me to her daughter, to whom she had just given the CD version of my book. It's always odd but cool to meet readers in random places.

I was able to find a few treasures. I love board games, so was pleased to pick up Pictionary and a new game, Thinkblot. I'm looking forward to breaking them in. I also picked up a tennis racket as part of my ongoing goal to learn new things. So...anyone around here willing to teach me to play?

Saturday night after church, we had our first girls only Catan night. The guys were down the street. We definitely had the better eats. It was a great night (even if Sara did sweep Catan and both rounds of Apples to Apples!)

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