Friday, June 10, 2005

Give a Little

I have some interesting friends. I use the term in them most general possible sense of the word. I have an odd (interesting?) attraction to people with quirky charactertics. I've crushed on not one, but two accordian players. I have friends with off-the-beaten path collections...and I have friends just-off-the-beaten path in general. But as a writer, I crave creative, imaginative kindred spirits. But beyond the quirks, I love my friends because they have tender hearts toward God and pure desire to use the totality of themselves to serve God.

Here's a great example:

It’s the “Night Crawler” challenge

Check it out...and give a little.

...If I knew how to post a footer, it'd read, "banter about this blog."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Jen rocks!

This is my site and I invite everyone out to see what we are attempting. Our main goal is to raise money for chairty and make people laugh while doing it.

So, cmon now and pledge some moola and help make the world a better place.