Thursday, June 23, 2005

Greetings from Dallas!

I arrived safely at the Adams Mark hotel this afternoon for the Smart Marriages conference. Thanks to SK and kids for the ride to the airport, and Bailey's adopted family for taken care of her while I'm gone.

My flight went by pretty quickly. I finally started reading Blue Like Jazz after more people than I can count recommended it to me. I remember reading an advanced copy of Don Miller's first book, Prayer and the Art of Volkswagen Maintenance 5-6 years ago. His writing has definitely improved. I'll try to remember to share some of my thoughts later because I'm starving!

My first impression of Dallas was, "GOD LORD! WHERE AM I!" Dry heat or no, 98 degrees is NOT heaven!

On the shuttle to the hotel, I met a few fellow attendees. Greetings to Randy from Utah and Reba from Indiana. Thanks to Jennifer B, I found the registration table. I'm now showered (did I mention that it is 98 degrees!?!), unpacked, logged on and ready to find dinner...and my first session.

If you're here at the conference and checking out the blog, leave a comment so we can meet!

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