Thursday, June 23, 2005

Smart Marriages Conference: Day 1

It's nearly midnight, so just a few jumbled thought before I retire...

* It is SO cool to be with 1800 or so like-minded people!

* I had a nice conversation with Ernie, who works with military couples. What important work he does. (Hi Ernie!)

* The first session kicked off at 6:3o. I sat next to Steve, an associate Dean at a Southern university. He's also an author and working on a proposal for his next one. Ironic that we should meet. (Hi Steve!)

* Diane Sollee, the brain of this brainchild of a conference, welcomed us and gave an overview and history of Smart Marriages. I was impressed to hear that the presenters pay their own way to be here. It's very clear that this group of people is committed to the cause. Listening to the conversations of people around me, this is like a family reunion of folks passionate about building strongs families.

* Priorites for Smart Marriages: use the internet to get the word out about marriage enrichment resources, influence legislation, use media to promote marriage, develop community marriage policies and initiatives, create programming for marriage enrichment ("this MUST be formatted on DVD for couples to use.")

* Bill Doherty has been on the news lately as a result of his launch of the National Registry of Marriage Friendly Therapist. Great idea, check out the link.

* Speaking of great ideas, I met Leanne who is doing research for a book for/on mother-in-laws. Take her online survey at (Very cool sidebar, she recognized my name...turns out she's reading my book and has it with her this week. Hi Leanne!)

I have more to say about Dave & Claudia Arp, Terry Hargrave and Linda Waite...but you'll have

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