Thursday, June 09, 2005

Random Thoughts on A Good Day

It's been a very good 24 hours. Nothing major but a lot of cool little things.

A few random thoughts:

* Every wondered about how an idea become a book? Brandilyn Collins shows why she's a best-selling suspense writer as she reveals her process to publication. Start here for the beginning of the "how I got here" string of posts.

* I love my writers guild! Tracy, Ann, Julie and Shelly: I had a blast with you guys last night. Thanks for coming over. I am inspired to write again!! Tracy, I'm eating Lime chips and smiling. (you need to blog!). Shelly, have a great conference! Lorilee, you were missed (cute girl!!). Julie, you WILL be missed. God go with you, my friend.

* I like Uzbek food better than Ethiopian. Thanks for dinner, Melissa. It's an honor to be part of your team.

* A site to discover your Myers-Brigg personality type, and how different types approach career, romance, parenting, etc. In case you're curious, I'm an INTJ.

* I'm looking forward to another fun weekend: Parade of Homes tomorrow (for the first will either inspire my home decor or tempt discontent). And a first-time girls-only Catan night on Saturday.

* As a reader, I stick almost exclusively to non-fiction. However, I LOVE Karen Kingsbury. I'm signing off now so I can finish Fame tonight.

...if I knew how to make a footer, it'd read, "banter about this blog"

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